Gifting for the Greater Good

Kids get the gifts they really love, guests save time and energy, and your favorite not-for-profit gets a slice of the pie.

GiftAround solves gifting in 3 simple steps: Select gifts, choose a not-for-profit to support, invite your guests to contribute, and voila - it’s a WIN WIN WIN!

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Pick a Few Presents That Your Child Really Wants

Your guests can chip in whatever amount they want - they don’t have to buy the entire gift on GiftAround - so hosts tend to register for fewer, more expensive items.


Select a Not-for-Profit to Support

You know what’s better than a pile of 20 boxes that you need to fit into your trunk on the way home from Pump It Up? Teaching your kids about giving back. After the funds have been raised, GiftAround will send a check to the charity of your choosing in your child’s name.


Invite Your Guests to Chip In

Wait, did you just save your party guests a last minute trip to Target and a fumbled wrapping job in the car? Yes. Why yes, you did.


It’s A Wrap!

When the GiftAround party closes, you will receive your portion of the money collected as an Amazon electronic gift card. We’ll also send you a link to a shopping cart, all filled with the gifts you selected. Two clicks later and the gifts are on their way to your house. Then all the gifts will magically appear at your home, and you will have no return trips to the store. #winning

Give back while you receive...

Celebrations are also about helping out those in need. That’s why we give you the option to set aside a portion of gift contributions to go to the charity of your choice.

Easier for party guests

We’ve all been there. You forgot to pick up a gift for a party, so you stop at a store on the way. You spend way longer than you expected hemming and hawing over what to get. Who knows if the birthday boy or girl will want it, if they already have it, or if it’ll go straight back to the store, or heaven forbid - in the "re-gifting pile".

With GiftAround, attendees can contribute to gifts they know the child will want, and not deal with last minute scrambles at the toy store. No wrapping. No $8.95 birthday card. (Although guests will still have an opportunity to include a personalized note)

GiftAround reduces the waste associated with unwanted gifts, and makes everyone’s life a little bit (or a LOT BIT) easier.

No parties to plan in the near future?

No problem, just enter an approximate event date we'll remind you about GiftAround when it gets closer.

"I loved using GiftAround. More importantly, Lanie did too. She loved the idea of choosing the presents that she would be getting, and really attached to the idea of having fewer things that she really loved, rather than more stuff that she didn't necessarily need or want."

"We had a great experience using GiftAround! The look on our son's face when he opened the gifts he really wanted was amazing. We also loved the opportunity to teach him about the importance of giving to others through the charity we selected."

"GiftAround was a very helpful tool in planning my son's birthday party as we often get gifts which may not quite be age-appropriate or sometimes things that we actually already have."

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