About us

GiftAround was started by four busy, tired parents committed to reclaiming Saturday mornings.

In early 2016, Co-Chief Gifter Marissa called friend (and former college roommate) Co-Chief Gifter Lindsay to catch up. Recounting their weekends, they realized that, despite Marissa living in D.C. and Lindsay in Chicago, they both spent most Saturday mornings the exact same way: pre-partying. Except this sort of pre-party entailed dashing to Target a half hour before a birthday party for their kid's friend to pick up a cheap toy that they weren't even sure the friend wanted. Marissa complained that what was worse was that when she hosted birthday parties for her kids, she always told people “no gifts” and to “donate to charity” if they must give something. But no one ever listened.

After her sons’ birthday parties, her sons always came home with a stack of gifts. After a few weeks, most of the gifts sat collecting dust and cluttering her house. What a waste! At that moment, Marissa and Lindsay committed to each other to reclaim Saturday mornings (and their houses). And so GiftAround was born.

GiftAround is committed to helping parents reclaim their Saturday mornings and houses. If you are hosting a birthday party, you and your kid can pick out the few (even big ticket) gifts that your kid really wants and will actually use and then pick a school or charity to donate to. Everyone wins- your kid picks what he or she wants, you don't have to worry about the additional stockpile of clutter, and your kid gets to learn about giving back.

If your kid is going to a GiftAround party, get ready to sleep in (ha- all parents soon learn that "sleeping in" is now 8 a.m.) and enjoy that cup of coffee a little longer, all while knowing you helped give the birthday boy or girl the gifts he wants while giving back to your community!

We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line with any questions, feedback, or just to make Saturday morning coffee recommendations. We can be reached at hello@giftaround.com

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