How it works

GiftAround lets you choose the gifts your child would most like to receive, invite your friends and family to contribute to those gifts, and donate part of the money raised to a charitable organization.

Your kids win because they get gifts they love, your guests win because they save time and energy in shopping, and you win because there’s less stuff to manage AND the world wins because money was raised for an important cause. Sometimes we call that a win-win-win-win, but today, let’s call it what it really is . . . MAGIC.

And here is how the magic happens:

Create what we call a “PARTY”. In this step you’ll tell us a few details about the event, select a charity, and update the look of the page with one of our designs and a photo of the birthday kid
Select the gifts your child would most like to receive. Here you’ll simply find products on Amazon and copy those links over to the GiftAround site and you’ll have a chance to jazz it up with a quick description of why your kid will ooh and ahh over the gift.
Share your party with your guests, you can either email them directly from GiftAround or copy and paste your party link
Your guests contribute whatever amount they want to whichever gift(s) they choose and they can also leave a note for the party kid. Contribution amounts are always hidden from the host and other guests.
Once we reach the end of the GiftAround Party, we will send you an email with a link to your Amazon shopping cart to purchase the items that were funded along with an Amazon gift card for the amount of the funds raised minus the charitable contribution and our 9% fee which basically covers credit card processing fees. At this point we will also make the charitable contribution in your child’s name.
Your kiddo receives the gifts he or she has been dreaming of, and everyone has saved time, money, and a little bit of stress!

How to reach us

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Tweet at us @giftaround

Or you can find us on Facebook and Pinterest